058 – Orson Welles

Did the Big O blow his cinematic wad on his first try? Did his last, unfinished project hint at greater glory? Scott and Marty ponder these and other unanswerables in this plus-sized episode. Citizen Kane (1941, Dir. Orson Welles) Touch of Evil (1958, Dir. Orson Welles) Necromancy (1972, Dir. Bert I. Gordon) The Other Side…

057 – Maureen Stapleton

Four films you’ve never heard of, featuring stellar supporting performances by an actress you’ve also never heard of! It’s Cinematic Omniverse at its most nerdy and esoteric! Reds (1981, Dir. Warren Beatty) Lonelyhearts (1958, Dir. Vincent J. Donehue) On the Right Track (1981, Dir. Lee Philips) Addicted to Love (1997, Dir. Griffin Dunne)

055 – Vincent Price

Scott and Marty peek into the campy closets of one of cinema history’s greatest frightmeisters, and discover that Vincent is great at any Price! The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939, Dir. Michael Curtiz) Edward Scissorhands (1990, Dir. Tim Burton) Laura (1944, Dir. Otto Preminger) Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965, Dir. Norman…

054 – David Bowie

Is Hoggle an anti-Semitic stereotype? For some reason, this question and many others are raised during an episode dedicated to glam rock legend David Bowie’s eclectic film career.  Core Connections: Il Mio West aka Gunslinger’s Revenge (1998, Dir. Giovanni Veronesi) Just a Gigolo (1978, Dir. David Hemmings) Labyrinth (1986, Dir. Jim Henson) Bandslam (2009, Dir.…

053 – Robin Williams

Scott and Marty unearth the first, last, best and worst films of cinema’s most beloved man-child, Robin Williams. Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses? (1977, Dir. I. Robert Levy) Dead Poets’ Society (1989, Dir. Peter Weir) Toys (1992, Dir. Barry Levinson) The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014, Dir. Phil Alden Robinson)

052 – Gene Hackman

What goes on between those eye-crinkles when Hackman is acting? Scott and Marty ponder the mysteries of Gene’s first, last, best, and worst films.  Lilith (1964, Dir. Robert Rossen) Runaway Jury (2003, Dir. Gary Fleder) The Conversation (1974, Dir. Francis Ford Coppola) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987, Dir. Sidney J. Furie)

051 – Sidney Poitier

Whether you think of him as Dr. John Wayne Prentiss, Detective Virgil Tibbs, or just plain old “Sir,” Sidney Poitier is the colossal subject of this week’s filmopsis! Core Connections: No Way Out (1950, Dir. Joseph P. Mankewicz) The Jackal (1997, Dir. Michael Caton-Jones) Raisin in the Sun (1961, Dir. Daniel Petrie) Ghost Dad (1990,…