A party of middle-aged gamers portray hapless heroes on a quest to defeat the tenth-most famous vampire ever: Strahd von Zarovich.

#074: Postcast: Scott <3 Rainbow Poddies

Back by absolutely no demand whatsoever, it’s the drunken conversation that follows the game! We initially chat about Canadian politics, briefly dump upon Walt Disney and Florida, and then settle in for an extended chinwag about Star Trek and vampire flicks. We get back to D&D talk around the 50-minute mark.

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#004: Postcast: Scott + Laird <3 Strahd

After the dice have been put away, Laird and Scott drink Belgian beer and reminisce about early D&D modules and the vampires they’ve loved (and hated). Bonus features include a (very) brief detour into Star Wars fandom, a definition of “epistolary,” and a deep dive into the roots of Gothic horror.

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