GAYLE BIRD (Game and Production Manager): A self-described “sparkly bumpkin,” Gayle lives in hobbit-like quietude upon the magical isle of Unama’ki, bedazzling herself with handmade jewelry, kaleidoscopic website design, and psychedelic colouring books. She loves everything about D&D except role-playing, so you will hear her gleefully rolling dice, adjusting tokens, and inscribing doodle-chronicles. You know about those, right?

DAVID FALKNER (PC: Andrej): David felt unsettled watching Stranger Things, not because of the inter-dimensional horror but because someone had clearly spied on his childhood. He’s been an RPGer ever since friends (including Scott) introduced him to D&D in junior high. Despite repeated opportunities to grow up, he finished his schooling to join a video game company and make RPGs. These days you can usually find him playing Pathfinder, although he does enjoy dabbling with other genres like Paranoia and Mage. Some people know him as a miniature giant mutant space hamster.

JASON GOLINSKY (PC: Dragomir): Years ago, Jason stole the 1st Edition Monster Manual from his older brother’s bookshelf. His character names always came from Lord of the Rings or The Blue Sword. Now, he works in technical theatre, where his constant exposure to artists’ egos gives him a daily dose of both fantasy and horror. Yet here he is, craving more.

LAIRD HISCOCK (PC: Ralston): Laird is, and has always been, that guy. Wanna talk about D&D? Call Laird. Wanna get drunk and talk about D&D? Call Laird. Wanna get drunk, play D&D, and yell a bunch of obscenities? Laird is your man. Laird plays casually optimized characters who shout their own names as a battlecry. His last wizard was so boss they named a moon after him. If you’re not playing D&D with Laird, then I dunno what you’re playing, but it ain’t D&D.

SCOTT SHARPLIN (Dungeon Master): Scott was born the same year as Dungeons & Dragons, so in a sense, all this was destined to be. The first game he DMed involved an invincible rubber helmet. He has run variations of I6: Ravenloft or its unholy offspring numerous times. He also plays Paizo’s Pathfinder, and even wrote a few adventures for them. His government pays him seasonally to fire muskets while pretending to be a French colonial soldier; it’s a living.