Strahdcast Episodes

#125: Postcast: Curse of Strahd Reminiscing and Review

This is the end, my friends… but Scott, Laird, Jason, David, and Gayle have some ruminating to do, and you’re invited! Find out what the boys think about D&D 5e; what bits of Curse of Strahd were completely fudged or invented by Scott; and why Gothic horror is cathartic/hilarious.

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Cinematic Omniverse Episodes

062 – Los Angeles

Scott and Marty return after a long hiatus… or was it a vacation?? It turns out your favourite cinephiles have been kicking around the great city of Los Angeles, and they’ve brought back four souvenirs to share: the City of Angels’s first, worst, best, and last appearances on film! Safety Last! (1923, Dir. Fred C.…

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