• #049: Strahdcast Ch.29: The Nature of Roads

    The heroes bid farewell to their Vistani friends (and lovers!) and ride up Mt. Ghakis to find the legendary… Silverhold. Silver Dragonhold? Silver Dragon Tower? The Tower of Silver? The […]

  • #047: Strahdcast Ch.28: Escape From Vallaki

    All EpisodesDeleteEdit #047: Strahdcast Ch.28: Escape From Vallaki August 25, 2021 Scott Sharplin Season: 1 Episode: 47 Description Immediately following their battle against Izek Strazni, the Baron’s right-hand man, […]

  • #046: Strahdcast Ch.27: Pt X

    It’s the claw-biting climax of the Vallaki storyline! After the heroes split up (always a smart move) for shopping trips, a bribe goes awry and the Baron’s lieutenant throws down […]

  • #045: Strahdcast Ch.26: Vallaki Nights Pt IX

    The six-vampire pileup at the coffinmaker’s shop continues. Ireena pops in to help; Dragomir struggles to interpret a dream message from his wolf mama; and the vamps find reason to […]

  • #044: Strahdcast Ch.25: Vallaki Nights Pt VIII

    A routine search for some saint’s missing bones goes horribly, horribly wrong as the heroes pick the wrong door at Henrik van der Voort’s coffin shop.

  • #043: Strahdcast Ch.24: Vallaki Nights Pt VII

    LUNA: Mistress left with three-legged man! DRAGOMIR: Someone with a cane, presumably. ANDREJ: Or maybe a really blessed man? Come for the dick jokes, stay for the… sabretooth tiger?!?

  • #041: Strahdcast Ch.23: Vallaki Nights Pt VI

    We’re back at last, with the fallout from our heroes’ disastrous night at the Vistani carnival. Burning wagons! Vanishing vampires! An escape artist escapade! Don’t miss this action-packed installment! Exclamation […]

  • #040: Strahdcast Ch.22: Vallaki Nights Pt V

    It may be our drunkest episode yet! Rictavio (the archaeopteryx?) spins a yarn over dinner; Ralston breaks up with the Vistani (and gets deeply offended!); the second time is not […]

  • #037: Strahdcast Ch.21: Vallaki Nights Pt.IV

    It’s the kind of fun you can only have in town: exchanging coins, hunting down holy bones, and bumping into random creepy aristocrats. “Do I notice any puncture wounds in […]

  • #036: Strahdcast Ch.20: Vallaki Nights Pt.III

    In which Andrej, Dragomir, and Ralston experience the most heart-stopping, blood-curdling terror yet in the horror-fraught realm of Barovia: stage fright.


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