A party of middle-aged gamers portray hapless heroes on a quest to defeat the tenth-most famous vampire ever: Strahd von Zarovich.

#026: Fastcast: Expanding the Gothic with Sam Hirst

DM Scott welcomes a guest expert on all things Gothic: Dr. Sam Hirst, of Manchester Metropolitan University. Scott and Sam chat about the tangled origins of Gothic fiction; some of Sam’s favourite Gothic tropes and subversions; and how Gothic is Ravenloft, anyway?? Dr. Hirst is on Twitter as @RomGothSam, and runs the Gothic resource hub, romancingthegothic.com.

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#024: Fastcast: The Vistani

The sinister Vistani have appeared in every iteration of Ravenloft since the beginning… but are they an essential staple of Gothic fiction, or a culturally offensive stereotype? Scott and Gayle discuss the problematic legacy of the Vistani, and Scott describes how he has adapted them to suit his campaign.

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