• #007: Strahdcast Ch.3: Maimed Rites

    As the heroes adjust to the nightmare to which they have awakened, they get to know the son of Barovia‚Äôs late Burgomaster, Ismark the Lesser, as well as his sister […]

  • #005: Strahdcast Ch.2: The Mists

    The heroes cautiously explore the world into which they’ve awoken: a warped, cursed version of their beloved Barovia, bristling with zombies; barkeeps who act like zombies; and a Burgomaster who […]

  • #003: Strahdcast Ch.1: The Cursed Queen

    THE SAGA BEGINS! Royal visitors come to the peaceful town of Barovia; Ralston the Novice takes charge of a crisis; Andrej gets outshined by Prince Sergei; and Dragomir sniffs out […]

  • #001: Strahdcast: Pre-Game Prologue: Rolling Up

    Old gaming buddies reunite, share their earliest memories of Dungeons & Dragons, and sink their teeth into 5th Edition by rolling up characters. NOTE: You can skip this episode with […]


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